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Stata can store the outputs and/or the history of typed commmands using the .log and .cmdlog commands. While .log captures both commands and output, the .cmdlog command stores the stream of executed commands only. Introduction to Stata: Do Files & Log Files. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info.

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SMCL log files can only be opened from within Stata. You can create a log file using the menu bar File > Log > Begin. How to use log files in Stata I recommend creating the log files with .log extension, which can be opened using a notepad. SMCL log files can only be opened from within Stata. You can create a log file using the menu bar File > Log > Begin. From the pop-up window browse for the data folder, name the log file, make sure to save it as .log (the default is smcl) and click OK. Log files in Stata can be useful if you want to keep track of your work over time, simply because it enables you to save your session for later retrieval.

(The word capture means that Stata should not complain if there  (.dta) Data Files” handout).

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Log file name: log_2015-11-26.smcl If today is Nov. 26, 2015, is it possible? - [Instructor] Log files allow you to record your Stata session into something called a log file. By default, Stata does not start a log file.

Error messages. “Log file already open (r 604)”: Type log close, then  log close and cmdlog close close the file. Between times, log off and cmdlog off, and log on and cmdlog on, can temporarily suspend and. resume logging. If  sets the directory, e.g. cd “$data” */ log using “filename”, replace. /* opens a new log file */ use dataset.dta, replace.
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You can … Transforming log files in Stata. April 11, 2019. In a previous post we looked at working with log files in Stata.

Depending on which cluster you're logged in to you will have access to  Stata. Written by Ronny Gunnarsson and first published on June 22, 2014.
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在目前工作中,用stata清洗及分析数据,感觉很顺滑。无奈不少同学因为help文件里的英文望而却步。 Pada umumnya log-file ini akan berisi perintah yang anda lakukan dan hasilnya, semuanya direkam dalam bentuk format khusus yang disebut Stata Markup and Control Language . Contoh ketika kita memulai dan mengakhir log-file, akan ada informasi detail mengenail file tersebut. Secara otomatis log-file akan di simpan pada direktori kerja anda.